Business Appeal
Direct Mail

The Brief

Raising money from small and medium businesses (SMEs) can be challenging.
The Salvation Army New Zealand wanted to develop a Christmas mailing that would gain the support of New Zealand SMEs. At the same they had a program called Aspire designed for disadvantaged youth which facing closure in 2017 if there were not sufficient funds raised.


The Outcome

A special pack was written and designed for New Zealand SMEs. It was personalised and localised to the owners of the business. It described the plight of Aspire in a business’s geographic location. The business was then given three offers
which depended on how much they gave. If they gave $500 they would receive a personalised certificate, $1,000 gift they would also receive a letter from one of
the young people they will be helping.
For $2,000 they would be able to visit the local Aspire facility and see the program
in action for themselves.


The response has been beyond The Salvation Army’s expectations. They
not only have received one of the best responses from SMEs they can recall in recent times but the response has meant that Aspire can now continue to help disadvantaged youth.






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