Since 1987 Robejohn has been proud to work with many leading charities and non-profit organisations across Australia and internationally. We help you develop fundraising strategies to create powerful philanthropic partnerships with your donors.

some of our





Create engaging campaigns that drive direct response from your donors. We can help with all aspects of the creative process. Our team have proven to know exactly what it takes to make great fundraising work.


You want to have a strategic approach in how you communicate with your supporters. We can help you with a thorough analysis of your current activities and results – identify missed opportunities and then develop a plan on how to achieve better results and outcomes for both you and your supporters.


You want to know your supporters, including how and why they give. We can help you uncover the potential of your database by understanding the giving habits of your supporters. Plus, we can
also help you work out where to find new supporters.


Make sure your direct mail campaign is cost-effective, produced accurately, and delivered on-time. We can arrange and coordinate all print and mailhouse services – from final art to letterbox..



Over the years we've worked with many great causes. In that time we've realised  everyone is different. What works for one may not work for another. It's this thinking that has meant some of our client relationships have lasted for over 10 years.


Here is just a small sample of some of our past and present clients.



Alan Clayton

Alan Clayton is a brilliant fundraising expert with over
25 years in the industry. As a consultative creative director
at Robejohn, Alan will be here in Australia in December this year.

Take the opportunity to have exclusive access to a brilliant mind and innovative ideas that help grow your organisation, through an Emotional Fundraising or Great Fundraising workshop in house.

Here are some of the outcomes you can expect from a workshop with Alan:

  • Challenge and inspire your people so they can better contribute to great fundraising.
  • Identify the case for a significant investment in your fundraising.
  • Discover your most compelling proposition for a program needing new funding and impetus.
  • Gain creative inspiration and ideas to help drive your organisation’s fundraising appeal concepts and positioning, with everyone aligned to a shared purpose.

“Alan is wonderful, charismatic and a knowledgeable speaker. I feel inspired moving forward and proud to fundraise” – Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.

Limited days are still available for private sessions in December 2017 and January 2018 please contact

For more information about Alan's workshops please download this brochure.

About Alan Clayton

Alan is a leading consultant, coach, creative director and inspirational speaker. In his role as Consultative Creative Director at Robejohn, Alan is focused on helping our clients here in Australia to develop massive growth. Since delivering the Great Fundraising report, Alan has spent three years studying how leadership affects an organisation's ability to dramatically grow its fundraising.

Robejohn is proud to sponsor the

Young Fundraiser of the Year Award.


Congratulations to

this year’s winners!


For over 30 years we’ve been

helping non-profit organisations

achieve world-class growth.


Kathy John FFIA
Managing Partner

Kathy is the founder of Robejohn with
a proven track record in business management and team leadership. She brings a wealth of skills and experience, as her expertise encompasses many aspects of marketing and fundraising. She has been a member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia since 1981 and
a Fellow of the Institute since 2000.

Warren Atkins

Warren has more than 15 years experience as a direct marketer, with 10 of those at Robejohn as a fundraiser. In that time Warren has worked with some of the biggest charities in Australia to develop strategic fundraising plans to help organisations realise their potential for growth. Warren has also developed an array of innovating and award winning fundraising campaigns for Robejohn clients.

David Roberts



Raena Manson

Senior Account Manager


Chris Mayhew

Art Director &
Studio Manager


Alan Clayton

Consultant Creative Director



Megan McQuitty

Account Director


Louise McFarland

Senior Account Manager


Douglas Sedunary

Graphic Designer



Peter Brown

Production Manager





Jay Clarke

Account Director


Jill Heymanson

Finance Executive


Jonathan Krause

Communications Executive




Our Commitment to
the Profession of Fundraising and Philanthropy


Fundraising is the servant of philanthropy. Outcomes of fundraising include a major contributor to, destroying diseases, hospitals being built, lives saved, lives made better, and the world a better place to live for us and our children.


This is why Robejohn is committed to the profession of fundraising, we believe this is an important way to make the world a better place.


Our commitment is more than words. We demonstrate our commitment through –


• Organisational Membership of FIA

• Sponsorship of FIA’s Young Fundraiser Award which provides state winners with attendance at FIA’s Annual Conference and the National winner is sponsored to attend the AFP’s annual conference in the USA

• Kathy’s development and delivery of the FIA Data Analytics Course

Our philosophy of fundraising is to focus on great relationship fundraising practice. We are passionate about this because we believe that it is though engaging the donor in an organisation’s mission that we bring about a better world. And is there any better purpose than this?


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If you have an exciting project that you think Robejohn would be ideal for, please get in touch as we'd love to hear all about it.

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