Patch-Up a
Puppy Pad

Direct Mail

The Brief

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT needed to generate income to improve their puppy breeding facilities.


The Outcome

This wasn't a usual Guide Dogs appeal, it was something a bit different so that's exactly how we treated it. We injected some fun into it by creating a sub brand 'Patch-Up a Puppy Pad'.


Potential donors were given a letter, coupon and a leaflet which listed all the items required and why. This gave the element
of choice to the donor. They also received a certificate folder in their appeal pack with a personalised certificate where their name was ghosted on the certificate face.


After sending in their donation, each donor received their official certificate with their donation receipt to place in their certificate folder. The name of the campaign was distinctive and memorable, it resonated strongly with donors and many called Guided Dogs saying they wanted to help 'Patch-up the Puppy Pads'.


This campaign was released in September, typically a 'quiet giving time' in the annual giving program. The response was so strong that in 2016 the campaign was refreshed and released as "Keep our Kennels Running" with another amazing response from the committed donors.



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